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From Martin van den Bemt <mll...@mvdb.net>
Subject Re: docs and other directories..
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2005 22:17:26 GMT
See inline..

Thomas Dudziak wrote:
> On 11/2/05, Martin van den Bemt <mllist@mvdb.net> wrote:
> Hi Martin,
> don't know whether Brian send you a notice, but you should now have
> write access to DdlUtils, he sent a mail earlier today to the DB PMC.

Brian sent me the mail, have not tested it though..

> You're right, there are a few files that I did not touch yet.
> The old docs can surely be removed, they don't have anything to do
> with DdlUtils anymore anyway.

I'll zap them :)

>>The src/xml dir contains the database2ojb.xsl, is this still usable?
> I never used it but since I didn't touch the DTD, it might very well
> be. But then again, would use would it have ? I think we better drop
> it, or else move it over to OJB (might be useful there, at least once
> it also creates Java classes, perhaps with Antlr's StringTemplate).

We'll leave it in for now then, it's not in the way.

>>The src/test-input
>>Is this already "the" database model for tests or should we consider
>>making another model (eg using the petstore model, since everyone is
>>making a petstore application as example for their web frameworks), or
>>just let "the" model grow/improve when the need is there ?
> Actually I don't think a single model for the test is useful. Rather,
> we should have different models for testing certain aspects. Eg. a
> dedicated model to test foreignkeys (including perhaps circular
> relationships), a dedicated model to test blobs etc.
> Also I'm more into putting the model into the test case, makes it IMO
> easier to keep them in sync and to read the test (all stuff necessary
> to understand the test in one place).

The downside is that it is a pain to maintain the model xml in a java 
class, or you want to create the model directly from the model classes ?

>>And another one : do you still have some more package renamings coming
>>and if you do, which packages (so I can leave these packages alone for
>>the time being)
> What large scale stuff do you plan to do ? ;-)
> I think the package structure should be good now and the platform
> concept works IMO very nicely.

Nothing specific, but if packages move or classes get renamed when there 
are outstanding changes, it can be quite a pain.

>>Still thinking about how to seperate the integration, in the simplest
>>way to test eg roundtripping, since eg you want to test hsqldb 1.7.x and
>>1.8, to see if roundtrip works ok for the latest version and the
>>mainstream version. If you have any thoughts already about that, let me
> What do you mean with "seperate the integration" ?
Ehh integration tests :) Got distracted with Ajax a bit (the soccer 
team, not "web 2.0"..
> For testing the roundtripping I think it is necessary to create a
> couple of tests testing a specific aspect: a model with single tables
> with (together) all JDBC datatypes, a model with indices, a model with
> autoincrement column(s) (not every database supports multiple such
> columns), a model with foreignkeys, a model with default values for
> columns etc.



> Tom

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