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From Martin van den Bemt <mll...@mvdb.net>
Subject docs and other directories..
Date Wed, 02 Nov 2005 20:47:06 GMT
Hi Tom,

Just went through the src directory and I have some questions regarding 
the usage, etc..

First src/doc
I assume this is forrest stuff, of which I lack major experience. Do I 
need a specific version of forrest to build the docs ?
Looking through there I just target stuff at the 
doc/src/documentation/content/xdoc directory and just leave the rest 
alone for now (untill I get more familiar with it).
The model.jude is a big question mark for me (though it could some UML 
specific stuff ?)
I assume the /xdocs directory (the old maven docs) can be deleted or do 
you still want to move some docs from there to forrest ?

The src/xml dir contains the database2ojb.xsl, is this still usable?

The src/test-input

Is this already "the" database model for tests or should we consider 
making another model (eg using the petstore model, since everyone is 
making a petstore application as example for their web frameworks), or 
just let "the" model grow/improve when the need is there ?

And another one : do you still have some more package renamings coming 
and if you do, which packages (so I can leave these packages alone for 
the time being)

Still thinking about how to seperate the integration, in the simplest 
way to test eg roundtripping, since eg you want to test hsqldb 1.7.x and 
1.8, to see if roundtrip works ok for the latest version and the 
mainstream version. If you have any thoughts already about that, let me 


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