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From Thomas Dudziak <tom...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: The ToDo list..
Date Thu, 27 Oct 2005 23:35:42 GMT
On 10/28/05, Martin van den Bemt <mllist@mvdb.net> wrote:

> Why is the dtd used from torque, is this a mandatory dependency (I don't
>   know who actually heavily depends on ddl-utils)..

Well OJB is (or nearly so), and I honestly don't intend to rewrite the
XDoclet module to a new DTD. Besides, the DTD is not too bad (when
leaving out the Torque stuff which is not necessary for DdlUtils
anyway). Not to mention that one of the goals of bringing commons-sql
to db was to consolidate the database creation/alteration between
Torque and OJB (and OJB is going to switch from Torque to DdlUtils in
the 1.1).

> > That's the next big ToDo on my list. On (I think) this weekend I'll
> > integrate the public Api of the model reader into the Platform and
> > create a structure of the readers similar to the sql builders thus
> > allowing for database-specific handling. Once that is in place, I'll
> > probably add unit tests to ensure at least the roundtrip scenario, eg.
> > XML schems -> database -> XML schema generates the same schema.
> Sweet.. I did some "reverse" mapping in my fork, so I could probably
> port those mappings to the new stuff you'r doing..

DdlUtils should IMO at least be able to reverse (via the model reader)
the database layout it created in the first place (roundtrip).

> Maybe we also need some integration test (sub) projects or (ant) build
> conditionals, so people can test on a specific database when it's present ?

Mhmm, something like Ant's <if> task should be easily doable. Where do
you see a use for this ?

> > Hmm, that might be tricky. Probably something for 1.1 or later.
> > What is necessary though is the completion of the existing support for
> > table alteration, esp. regarding foreign keys and the like.
> I can have a look at that, but this heavily depends on the reverse
> mapping working correctly. I also have a method called
> isUpToDate(Database database), which could also be usefull in ddl-utils
> and needs a good functioning reverse mapping..

That would be good!

> Can we drop that dependency on the torque dtd ?

IMO that's not a good idea (see above).

> Seperating conceptual and physical schema is a cleaner approach indeed.

and has the nice benefit of being easily integrateable into the Ant
tasks (see the new parameter handling for database creation).

> Nope, not committer on a db project yet, so I am probably not in the db
> group (if that is needed at all with svn?).
> > Either way, I could start a vote for you for becoming a DdlUtils
> > committer on the PMC ?
> Sounds good to me... If I need to do anything for this, let me know..

I will.


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