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From Fabio Insaccanebbia <finsaccaneb...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Torque and Village
Date Thu, 28 Apr 2005 14:10:49 GMT
 suggestion: what about a "pluggable" dblayer for Torques?

 We could design the API that Torque needs, create a Village Adapter (for
 compatibility with the past) a DdlUtils based db layer and, if we need a
 "custom - made" dblayer, we can write our own (or we can find a
 new/better in the Open Source space).

 So we can start with Village (putting our patches in the "Adapter" layer
 if we really want to) [short time effort], then start an effort to write
 the DdlUtils based db layer [medium time effort] and see what happens
 next.. [long time effort... Torque's own dblayer... only if necessary].

 Obviously the difficult thing would be to create an API that makes simple 
 to create adapters both for Village and DdlUtils (thus without complex hierarchy,
 with the minimum API objects number).


 P.S.: I'm just talking about the functions currently covered in Torque by Village.
 Torque and DdlUtils can concentrate efforts also in other "use cases" probably without
 having to add an Adapter...

Thomas Fischer wrote:

>I have taken a shortish look at DdlUtils and also investigated (not in much
>detail) what features of village are used by Torque.
>Torque uses the following features of village which are not provided by
>plain JDBC (I hope I did not miss anything):
>- Mapping of sql types to java types when reading from a database
>- constructing the SQL for a PreparedStatement to insert Datasets
>- constructing the SQL for a PreparedStatement to modify Datasets
>In my opinion, these features are not very difficult to implement.
>Most (All?) of them are also implemented in DdlUtils. I have not yet formed
>a personal opinion whether I would favour useing ddlUtils for these Tasks
>over implementing them in Torque.
>On one hand, these things are so fundamental for Torque that one would like
>to have full control over what happens within Torque. Also, the modelling
>of the database is different for Torque and DdlUtils, which makes
>integration difficult. In fact, Torque has two models, one for the
>generator and one for the runtime :-(.
>On the other hand, there is duplicate programming effort and duplicate
>maintenance. Also, from what I have seen, the use cases for Torque and
>DdlUtils overlap somehow, so that it might be possible to concentrate
>efforts even further. Using a dynamical bean to read from a database might
>be a useful feature for Torque users, so perhaps one could make it easy to
>use ddlUtils feature within Torque.
>I have to do further research to forma an opinion.
>By the way, are the DdlUtils mailing lists archived somewhere? I Did not
>find them on nagoya, but then, you said there was still some dust in the
>   Thomas
>Thomas Dudziak <tomdzk@gmail.com> schrieb am 26.04.2005 14:12:24:
>>>To prevent duplicate development efforts, also note that the project
>>>previously known as "Jakarta Commons SQL" has graduated from the
>>>Commons sandbox into a fully-fledged Apache DB-project "DdlUtils" [1]
>>>with it's own website and mailinglists [2]
>>>(last migration steps are still in progress, some "dust" still in the
>>>Tom Dudziak has more info about this and can probably tell more about
>>>if there is some overlapping Village / DdlUtils functionality
>>>(which I believe).
>>>If that is the case, I would suggest Torque developers to come join
>>>the new DdlUtils project to help create a well-maintained and active
>>>developer base (instead of breathing air into the "corpse" of Village).
>>>Disclaimer: I think that this might be a Good Thing (TM) for Torque,
>>>but it might turn out that DdlUtils have nothing at all in common
>>>with Village (Tom?) -- in which case you can just ignore this post. :-)
>>I fully agree and AFAIK the possible synergy effect was one of the
>>reasons that the vote on the DB PMC regarding the move was
>>Also that's why the major point on my short-term to-do list is the
>>stabilization of DdlUtils including Unit tests for the individual
>>databases (in which it currently is somewhat lacking) and enhance the
>>doc, in order to release a 1.0 in the near future.
>>IMO it's probably useful to create a Wiki page for DdlUtils on which
>>to sketch these todos, so I'll create one.
>>Btw, John McNally already gave these Torque developers commit rights
>>to DdlUtils :
>>(as he wrote on the PMC).
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Fabio Insaccanebbia 


e-mail: finsaccanebbia@insac.com - URL: http://www.insac.com 


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