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From Thomas Dudziak <tom...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Torque and Village
Date Wed, 27 Apr 2005 15:03:37 GMT
> I have taken a shortish look at DdlUtils and also investigated (not in much
> detail) what features of village are used by Torque.
> Torque uses the following features of village which are not provided by
> plain JDBC (I hope I did not miss anything):
> - Mapping of sql types to java types when reading from a database
> - constructing the SQL for a PreparedStatement to insert Datasets
> - constructing the SQL for a PreparedStatement to modify Datasets

Btw, there is also DbUtils over in commons which does things that
DdlUtils won't do, e.g. simple statements (select/update/delete etc.)
concerning data in the model (whereas DdlUtils concerns itself
primarily with the Database Model itself).

> In my opinion, these features are not very difficult to implement.
> Most (All?) of them are also implemented in DdlUtils. I have not yet formed
> a personal opinion whether I would favour useing ddlUtils for these Tasks
> over implementing them in Torque.
> On one hand, these things are so fundamental for Torque that one would like
> to have full control over what happens within Torque. Also, the modelling
> of the database is different for Torque and DdlUtils, which makes
> integration difficult. In fact, Torque has two models, one for the
> generator and one for the runtime :-(.

IMO the database model used by DdlUtils is so simple that it should be
usable by Torque as well ?

> On the other hand, there is duplicate programming effort and duplicate
> maintenance. Also, from what I have seen, the use cases for Torque and
> DdlUtils overlap somehow, so that it might be possible to concentrate
> efforts even further. Using a dynamical bean to read from a database might
> be a useful feature for Torque users, so perhaps one could make it easy to
> use ddlUtils feature within Torque.
> I have to do further research to forma an opinion.

One thing that is probably quite useful to Torque users is the ability
to alter a schema (without losing data) ?!

> By the way, are the DdlUtils mailing lists archived somewhere? I Did not
> find them on nagoya, but then, you said there was still some dust in the
> air.

John McNally asked for it when requesting the mailing list creation,
but it seems it is not in place yet. There is a infrastructure issue
for it: http://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/INFRA-314


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