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From fu_dah_sa...@tiscali.co.uk
Date Fri, 05 Sep 2003 02:29:32 GMT

                LAGOS, NIGERIA.
 Dear Sir,
I got your contact through my concerted efforts to secure some credible
partners that could be useful in discharge of my duties as an international
business consultant, market and commodity Broker based in Lagos Nigeria
with offices in Lome, Togo, Accra Ghana and Duala (Cameroon).  I have a
lot of influential clients all over Africa most whom are top present and
past Government functionaries in Africa for strong political reasons never
wanted publicity. One of my new clients that needed an urgent assistance
(help) is a cousin to former Rebel leader in Sierra-Leone Fonday Sankoh
PLEASE KEEP VERY CONFIDENTIAL.  Mr. Sanusi and his family are presently
in Ghana since the outbreak                         of the crises that topped
the government of Ahmed Tejan Kabbah and since his
Re-installment in office. Fortunately for Sansui and his family, Fundah
 Carried away a fortune of US$42.2 million (Forty Two Million Two Hundred
Thousand United States Dollars) only which he succeeded in carting away
as a result of the civil war in Sierra Leone then.  This amount of money
is presently deposited in a private security company up till now.  Sanusi
and his families are now looking for a trusted or credible person that will
help them move this fund outside Africa for a possible investment outside
Africa. Recently, Mr. Sansui confidentially approached me and authorized
me to help the family get a foreign partner that will help the family move
the money outside Africa so as to invest the money properly as intended.
It is based on this that I now write to you to be my partner in this venture.
 The family is ready to negotiate with you reasonably for a certain percentage
of the total amount to compensate you for your assistance. Presently, they
are offering 20% of the total money to whomever that will be interested
to assist the family. I want you to understand that you have to give me
commission from your percentage for introducing you into this business at
the end of the transaction.  Therefore, if you are interested to be my partner
in this venture kindly contact me immediately through my e-mail address
so that we shall have good understanding on how to go about the joint venture.
I am looking forward for successful business relationship with you and hope
that you will keep the whole transaction very confidential. You are advice
to contact me through my private email address;drmike_frank@yahoo.co.uk.

 Best regards.

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