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From Oliver.He...@t-online.de (Oliver Heger)
Subject new project question
Date Sun, 18 Jan 2004 17:33:07 GMT
This posting was originally sent to the Jakarta commons-dev list. The 
people there pointed me to the Apache DB project.

Oliver Heger wrote:

> Hi all,
> I am working on a SQL generator library and would like to donate it to 
> an open source community. I think it would fit into Jakarta Commons. 
> Here is some information about it:
> The library was part of a view framework for web applications. It can 
> generate SELECT statements to retrieve data. The single parts of a 
> SELECT query are represented as objects that can be plugged together 
> (e.g. fields to be retrieved, conditions). Finally a renderer 
> processes this object tree and generates SQL code. This is the list of 
> the goals that are to be achieved:
> - Hiding the complex syntax of SQL queries by providing a high level 
> API to construct them.
> - Improving performance over naive programming by consequent usage of 
> prepared statements with placeholders where possible.
> - Providing mapping facilities between logic names of (bean) 
> properties and database column names.
> - Providing (a certain level of) database independency by supporting 
> different renderers that can be customized to specific SQL dialects.
> - Persistence of database queries in different storages (e.g. XML 
> files, in a database, ...)
> - Supporting dynamic query generation, e.g. if columns from different 
> database tables are involved, the correct join conditions can be 
> generated automatically
> - Easy extensibility: just implement your own query part classes
> Please let me know if there is some interest in this code. If not, 
> what other options do I have to make it open source?
> Thanks!
> Oliver
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In the meantime I found out that there is surely some overlapping with 
existing code in DB, e.g. the Criteria in Torque. But I suppose the 
goals are a bit different (so an advantage of this library may be that 
it is independent of a specific persistence engine). Maybe there is 
enough space for a coexistence at first and later doublicate code can be 


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