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From "" <>
Subject Re: Cannot load the resource for signing of a soap message
Date Fri, 20 Oct 2017 15:08:16 GMT
Yes I tried the full path and it won't work. The reason being the same, the
AbstractBindingBuilder.getCrypto method tries to load it from the classpath.
If it doesn't find it then it throws a PolicyException. 

I cannot upgrade to cxf latest versions unfortunately. 

It looks like I could use a BusFactory (not SpringBusFactory). The reason I
say this is: when spring is used, this line of code gives one more resolver
for the ResourceManager than my code without spring:

ResourceManager rm =

With that one more spring resolver, the code is able to resolve the resource
without any errors. Can I do something like this without the
SpringBusFactory? How do I use a BusFactory? I dont use spring in my
application because it is frowned upon so spring is out of the question. 

Any inputs is greatly appreciated. 

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