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From Rubén Pérez <>
Subject Possible bug in UriBuilder?
Date Fri, 16 Jun 2017 21:52:27 GMT

This is my first email to the list, so I hope I will not miss something 
or do something wrong. I'm writing here instead of reporting a bug 
directly, mainly because I'm not sure if I can even register in the bug 
tracker, so apologies if that was the expected way to go.

Cutting to the chase, I believe there is a bug in the UriBuilderImpl. 
Specifically, when an instance of the class is created through the 
'.fromURI' method, and the provided URI does not start with a "/" (i.e. 
it has no schema and authority and its path is not absolute), 
UriBuilderImpl assumes incorrectly that the URI is non-hierarchical and 
therefore the '.build()' method will always return the provided URI 
without modification, regardless of which edit methods (e.g. 
"queryParam", "path", etc.) are called on the instance.

In order to illustrate what I mean, I created a very simple program 
(attached). I compiled it with:

    javac -cp '.:<path_to_the_jar>/'

and runned it with:

    java -cp '.:/<path_to_the_jar>/<path_to_the_jar2>/cxf-rt-frontend-jaxrs-3.1.11.jar:<path_to_the_jar3>/cxf-core-3.1.11.jar'

The RFC-3986, in its section 4.2 
<> [1] defines the syntax 
for valid relative URI references and explicitly allows references 
without schema or authority that do *not* start with a forward slash. 
Perhaps part of the confusion comes from the fact that the ABNF defining 
the relative references is as follows:

    relative-part = "//" authority path-abempty
                   / path-absolute
                   / path-noscheme
                   / path-empty

, where the "/" symbol representing the different alternatives can be 
easily mistaken for a literal "/" in the URI itself.

So that's it. Thanks for reading till here. Please let know your 
opinions about this and, if I'm right, it would be great to get it fixed 
soon. If something is not clear or you have any questions, I'm willing 
to answer them. If there's a reason for the current behaviour, or if I 
am incorrectly interpreting the standard, I'd also be very glad to know.

Best regards
Rubén Pérez Vázquez

*Universität zu Köln*
/Regionales Rechenzentrum (RRZK)/
Weyertal 121, Raum 4.05
D-50931 Köln
✆: +49-221-470-89603


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