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From nicolasduminil <>
Subject Re: HTTP 415 raised by JAX-RS service consuming multipart
Date Tue, 30 May 2017 07:43:31 GMT
Hi Sergey,

Thanks for these explanations. I followed the link you've suggested and,
yes, this is exactly the kind of payload I would need. However, I stoped
reading it quite fast, for reasons that you probably will guess: I'm not
very confortable to read HTTP code which, in my opinion, is not dedicated to
human beens :-)

It would be great if there were any tool around able to, given an HHTP
payload like this one, generate the required service signature and client
skeleton. This would be as more usefull as the majority of the JAX-RS
services specs are expressed in terms of HTTP payloads and the developer
needs to figure out how to write the right client able to produce the given
payload. In most cases this is not difficult but in some other cases,
especially the ones related to multipart and other non-standard features,
the things are more complicated. To make an ananlogy with the JAX-WS world,
it's like WSDL didn't exist and developpers would have to code against specs
expressed in terms of SOAP payloads. 

Okay, I have to stop dreaming.

All this to say that, if you could sketch down for me in a couple of
minutes, a service signature and client skeleton compliant with the payload
in the example, I would be very gratefull to you.

Many thanks,


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