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From pat7 <>
Subject Re: WS-SecureConversation & MTOM Policy cannot be satisfied
Date Wed, 24 May 2017 15:57:11 GMT
Hi, thx for replay.

I did a break point there, but I can see the soap request in the variable
message - contents. Both are in the contents, the header with sct and the

Furthermore, I did some break points later and in other classes
(NegotiationUtils.class) I can see every time my security header, but I
receive for the boolean variable foundSCT always false.

Unfortunately, I did not find my message.

Here, are some contents of my debugged variables:

foundSCT = false
aim - table =
null, null,
{}MTOM:false]]"  ...all hashmaps


results - first - actionResults =
		</wsc:SecurityContextToken>, validated-token=false, action=1024, id=,
secret=null, token-element=[wsc:SecurityContextToken: null]}]}"

In the NegotiationUtils.class on line 233 cxf want to restore a token from a
tokenstore, but I did not use a tokenstore in my project. The result from
the command on line 233 is null. I think here is my mistake, but is the
reason for that error that I did not use a tokenstore?


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