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From "J. Fiala" <>
Subject Re: CXF supports clients in other languages? Then provide samples!
Date Sun, 06 Nov 2016 21:53:56 GMT
Hi Philippe,

p.s. if you want to see this all in action you can also come to 
ApacheCon Seville in two weeks and see my talk there 

Best regards,

Am 06.11.2016 um 22:44 schrieb J. Fiala:
> Hi Philippe,
> CXF REST services actually support clients of any programming language 
> capable of doing REST API calls.
> If you want to generate client code, pls check out Swagger-Codegen 
> (, it currently supports 
> around 40 programming languages (client/server stubs), all the 
> languages you listed are already there (JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Perl).
> It allows you to actually generate the client code in any language 
> provided by Swagger contract. You can create the Swagger contract 
> yourself or generate the contract dynamically using CXF SwaggerFeature 
> ( If you want to 
> generate the CXF application itself from an existing Swagger contract, 
> you can take a look at a talk I did yesterday at DevFest Vienna 
> (
> Pls also try the Javascript generator there (Disclaimer: I added the 
> basic generator for Javascript last year) and give feedback there. The 
> Javascript calls are per se asynchronous & it supports AMD like 
> RequireJs.
> If you want an overview of the Javascript features, you can watch a 
> short talk I did at dotjs last year after creating the Javascript 
> language generator: 
> Best regards,
> Johannes
> Am 06.11.2016 um 04:23 schrieb cp10000:
>> One of the fundamental characteristics and advantages of web-services 
>> is that
>> it allows different environments, different operating system, different
>> programming languages to interact.
>> Does Apache CXF support clients in other other languages (especially 
>> dynamic
>> languages like JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Perl,...)?
>> The answer to that question is not clearly stated anywhere in CXF
>> documentation.   If CXF supports clients in other languages, then SAMPLE
>> SOURCE CODES SHOULD BE PROVIDED!    It's not enough to say yes.
>> We must separate the two cases of synchronous functions and asynchronous
>> functions.   I would like to see sample code in JavaScript and Python 
>> for
>> call to synchronous web-service in CXF.   This might be possible, but 
>> some
>> sample code would be helpful.
>> I am particularly interested in seeing how a client in another computer
>> language than Java like JavaScript or Python can call an asynchronous
>> web-service in Apache CXF.   Asynchronous web-service in CXF uses 
>> classes
>> like Future<?>, AsyncHandler<?>.   These classes don't map directly to
>> classes in JavaScript and other languages.   I am not aware of any
>> correspondence across computer languages.
>> I have a strong feeling that a different language like JavaScript 
>> requires a
>> software framework in order to write a client that can call Apache CXF
>> web-services.   Does such framework exist?   If yes, it should be 
>> mentioned
>> in the documentation.   If such framework does not exist, then Apache 
>> CXF
>> should write one for the major other programming languages (JavaScript,
>> Python, Ruby, Perl, ....etc)
>> -- 
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