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From BjornA <>
Subject [SOAP over JMS] Lifecycle of response queue consumer
Date Tue, 26 Jan 2016 20:21:18 GMT

I'm trying to find details/documentation on the (response) queue consumer
lifecycle to no avail...


CXF 3.1.4 connecting to Tibco EMS 6.3 (SOAP over JMS)
Static response queue used.
Connection caching used per below:

<bean id="jmsConnectionFactory"


1) Make a request through CXF.
The corresponding consumer is created listening to the response queue with a
message selector (i.e. the JMSCorrelationID)

2) Receive timeout or error response (soap fault) occurs
3) Consumer remains active for quite some time (+1h)


What determines when a consumer is released (i.e. the corresponding
JMSConduit is closed?)?
Can this be controlled in any way?

As per the example above a queue consumer with a message selector based on
the JMSCorrelationID would (by design) only be applicable to one specific
message, new messages would yield new correlation ids... So my initial
thought would be that it could be discarded more or less immediately after
the message has gone through, but that doesn't seem to be the case?

Many Thanks!

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