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From Benson Margulies <>
Subject Re: local transport -- confused -- anyone seen anything like it?
Date Fri, 04 Sep 2015 13:12:19 GMT
I tried the experiment of switching to HTTP, and received:
SocketException invoking http://localhost:62475/raas/entitiesfoo/bar:
Invalid argument
at org.apache.cxf.jaxrs.client.AbstractClient.checkClientException(
at org.apache.cxf.jaxrs.client.AbstractClient.preProcessResult(
at org.apache.cxf.jaxrs.client.WebClient.doResponse(
at org.apache.cxf.jaxrs.client.WebClient.doChainedInvocation(
at org.apache.cxf.jaxrs.client.WebClient.doInvoke(
at org.apache.cxf.jaxrs.client.WebClient.doInvoke(
at org.apache.cxf.jaxrs.client.WebClient.invoke(
at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
at com.intellij.rt.execution.junit.JUnitStarter.main(
Caused by: SocketException invoking
http://localhost:62475/raas/entitiesfoo/bar: Invalid argument
at sun.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance0(Native Method)
at java.lang.reflect.Constructor.newInstance(
at org.apache.cxf.transport.http.HTTPConduit$WrappedOutputStream.mapException(
at org.apache.cxf.transport.http.HTTPConduit$WrappedOutputStream.close(
at org.apache.cxf.transport.AbstractConduit.close(
at org.apache.cxf.transport.http.HTTPConduit.close(
at org.apache.cxf.interceptor.MessageSenderInterceptor$MessageSenderEndingInterceptor.handleMessage(
at org.apache.cxf.phase.PhaseInterceptorChain.doIntercept(
at org.apache.cxf.jaxrs.client.AbstractClient.doRunInterceptorChain(
at org.apache.cxf.jaxrs.client.WebClient.doChainedInvocation(
... 10 more
Caused by: Invalid argument
at Method)
at org.apache.cxf.transport.http.URLConnectionHTTPConduit$URLConnectionWrappedOutputStream.getResponseCode(
at org.apache.cxf.transport.http.HTTPConduit$WrappedOutputStream.handleResponseInternal(
at org.apache.cxf.transport.http.HTTPConduit$WrappedOutputStream.handleResponse(
at org.apache.cxf.transport.http.HTTPConduit$WrappedOutputStream.close(
... 16 more

Followed by:

java(20387,0x10d7c1000) malloc: *** error for object 0x100000002:
pointer being freed was not allocated
*** set a breakpoint in malloc_error_break to debug

I've got no JNI.

On Fri, Sep 4, 2015 at 8:26 AM, Benson Margulies <> wrote:
> I've got a family of tests that have just developed a pathology.
> @Before creates a service on the local transport and a WebClient set
> to talk to it.
> @After shuts it down.
> I can run any single test as many times as I like, all is well.
> If I use IntelliJ or maven-surefire to run the whole bag, a few will
> fail with symptoms indicating that the wrong request ended up at the
> service; one from a prior or different test case.
> The failure moves around from test to test from run to run.
> I've seen this with 3.1.1 and 3.1.2.
> We do have DIRECT_DISPATCH turned on.
> This whole thing was working in the middle of yesterday, and I seem to
> have, well, breathed on it. I certainly changed the timing by
> eliminating a lot of noisy logged backtraces.

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