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From Chris Wolf <>
Subject How to inject fake HttpServletRequest/HttpServletResponse in local transport?
Date Wed, 15 Jul 2015 00:20:19 GMT
For legacy reasons, all of the resource methods in the project I'm
working on have a signature similar to:

    public Response getBook(@Context HttpServletRequest request,
            @Context HttpServletResponse response);

When I change to local transport (to save runtime setup of Jetty in
unit tests), these parameters are null, which makes sense since the
protocol is not HTTP.  I tried implementing a custom Interceptor to
replace Message content with a two element list containing mock
HttpServletRequest and HttpServletResponse , but I couldn't find the
correct phase.

(the mocks are from mockrunner-servlet)

Now I'm thinking it might be easier with a custom invoker, as
mentioned at the bottom of this page:

I downloaded the source tarball and found the source at:;a=blob;f=systests/jaxrs/src/test/java/org/apache/cxf/systest/jaxrs/;h=cce0f048d1c9f1b12925725b9def7730a4aa01ff;hb=HEAD

...but now I can't find any other java module that would show how to
configure this custom invoker.  Apologies if I missed it online, but
could find nothing.



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