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From Andrew <>
Subject Re: Caching and reusing SecureConversationToken - how?
Date Wed, 24 Jun 2015 12:56:33 GMT
coheigea wrote
> What does your client code look like? Caching only works for the same
> client proxy. If you are closing the proxy, or else creating a new one,
> then the cached SecurityContextToken will not be retrieved. If you are
> re-using the same client proxy, then the SecurityContextToken should be
> retrieved from the cache + re-used.
> Colm.

Right you are. My client is WSDL-first and uses the Java classes generated
per the WSDL to get a new Proxy before each call. I changed it just now to
reuse one and the same proxy for multiple requests, and the issued security
token does indeed get reused.

This is by design, right? Would it make sense / be possible for the same
security token to be (re)used by distinct client proxy objects?

In any event, I think my question is answered. Thanks!

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