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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: How cxf dealing with large wsdl files
Date Fri, 10 Apr 2015 17:55:59 GMT

> On Apr 7, 2015, at 8:38 AM, 杨华杰 <> wrote:
> I use cxf wsdl2java generated java code. It didn't move at all when I wrap
> a junit testing.
> My wsdl file is around 5MB.
> I saw this log entry when I ran junit test, "Creating service....", my
> question is why I saw this in my client? Why cxf was trying to create a
> service.

It’s creating an internal “model” that represents the “Service” element in the wsdl
which is then traversed to find the portType and such which is used to map to the appropriate

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