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From Sergey Beryozkin <>
Subject Re: Request size trigger for chunked encoding and PRE vs. POST phase
Date Mon, 23 Feb 2015 16:37:26 GMT
On 23/02/15 16:29, icfantv wrote:
> Thanks Sergey.  I'm confused.  It sounds like you're suggesting that this
> shouldn't ever have worked?
> Looking at HttpClientPolicy, the default chunkingThreshold is 4096b.  This
> explains our issue as when we were looking at this in more detail last
> Friday, when testing our PUTs, the first scenario was around 3800b and it
> was working and the next was 4100b+ and it failed.
> It does seem odd, however, that the API would allow the user to add headers
> that just get stripped off (or never be added in the first place) without
> some sort of warning.
The CXF Interceptor model was created at a time when CXF was only 
dealing with SOAP and a SOAP model can of course have SOAP headers 
inside the actual payload. So I guess it was all right to append the 
custom (SOAP) headers at a late stage.

Dealing with HTTP message level headers is different. The extra care is 
needed. IMHO it is obvious that the HTTP headers need to be set up 
before the body is written out. If you do JAX-RS then I'd encourage you 
to work at the ClientRequestFilter level for customizing the outbound 


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