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From nttspes <>
Subject Memory leak problem using JBOSSWS-CXF 4.3.2
Date Fri, 05 Dec 2014 11:58:10 GMT
Hi all,in our environment (JBoss EAP 6.1), we have a web-application that
does a large utilization of web - services calls.We use JAX-WS (embedded in
our JDK 1.6.30) to generate clients, and to perform web services calls.Above
an example of our source code to perform calls:here we get the client:
public static RichiestaVariazioneAnagraficaServiceClient
getRichiestaVariazioneAnagraficaServiceClient()			throws
MalformedURLException {		URL newEndpoint = new
URL(RichiestaVariazioneAnagraficaServiceClientLocation);		QName qname = new
"RichiestaVariazioneAnagraficaServiceClient");		return new
RichiestaVariazioneAnagraficaServiceClient(newEndpoint, qname);	}
and here we perform the call
richiestaVariazioneAnagraficaServiceClient =
we don't use any cache mechanism, every time we need to call a web-service,
we perform a new constructor of the object.we are experiencing serious
problems of memory leak in our environment (every day, the old gen memory of
the JVM is going full and we have to restart the application server once per
day).We performed an heap dump of the JVM, and we noticed that almost the
100% of our old gen memory (8.5 GB) is occupied by apche CXF class
BusHolder. Above I post the results of the dump operation
•org.apache.cxf.BusFactory$BusHolderFirst 10 of 113 objects » 113 2,712
8,556,145,120 88.81% •org.apache.cxf.bus.extension.ExtensionManagerBusAll 5
objects » 5 280 373,659,072 3.88% •org.jboss.cache.DataContainerImplAll 2
objects » 2 96 108,659,896 1.13% •java.lang.ThreadFirst 10 of 159 objects »
159 17,808 51,979,048 0.54% 
We use default configuration of jbossws-cxf libraries, and as said, in
clients we use Jax WS clients (not CXF clients).Maybe we have to perform any
explicit operation in the BUS object before to do the calls?Any help would
be appreciated,regards.

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