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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: in CXF 2.7
Date Thu, 18 Sep 2014 17:24:36 GMT

On Sep 16, 2014, at 4:13 PM, wrote:

> I'm porting some legacy code to use CXF 2.7.12 that used ContextUtils.getAction(Message)
from CXF 2.3. Unfortunately, it looks like that method was removed after 2.6 and is no longer
available in 2.7. Does anyone know, was the method moved to some other utility class, or do
I need to implement a version locally? I've been searching the Jira and release notes and
so far haven't been able to find anything.

Can I ask why you need this?   For the most part, if your interceptor runs after the MAPAggregator,
then you should just have to grab  the addressing stuff from the message via something like:

 AddressingProperties theMaps = 
                ContextUtils.retrieveMAPs(message, false, true);

and use the action that CXF computed in there.

Daniel Kulp -
Talend Community Coder -

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