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From #S-SmixDev <>
Subject JMS transport in 3.0 and JMSReplyTo
Date Wed, 02 Jul 2014 12:54:38 GMT

Hi all,

the JMS transport in CXF 2.x supports different settings for
replyDestination (ie. where the client looks for the reply) and
replyToDestination (what the client writes into the ReplyTo header, ie.
where the service provider actually sends the reply).

We make heavy use of this feature because we are often sending to remote
hosts that do not have any knowledge of our local queues. Messages get to
the intended destination by means internal to the queueing system. I've
been looking at the new JMS transport in 3.0 since we'll be wanting to
upgrade at some point. However, it looks like the new transport does not
support this scenario. Are there plans to implement the features from 2.x
for the new transport? Will they be added back when there is demand? Do we
need to do it ourselves?

I'm just trying to get a picture of what the status is with regards to the
new JMS transport at the moment.


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