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From sanjeevghimire <>
Subject Re: web service with void method returning 202
Date Mon, 14 Jul 2014 14:52:49 GMT
Thanks Daniel. WSDL doesn't have an output message. But is there a way to
intercept this response and send 200, even though its against the policy.

On the same note, I am also  calling a external webservice but I have to use
proxy settings and authorization. How do i do  that using CXF? I am
configuring that in java using conduit but its not working. When I use the
same set of credentials using the raw HTTP client it works but not through
CXF conduit. here is the sample code I used. 
this is the HTTP way which works: 
CloseableHttpClient httpclient = null;
		 HttpHost proxyHost = null;
         HttpHost targetHost = new HttpHost(<hostname>,<port>);
         RequestConfig config = null;
		 if(wsUtil.getProxyRequired() != null)
			 credsProvider = getCredentialObj(wsUtil.getProxyRequired());
			 proxyHost = new HttpHost(wsUtil.getProxyUrl(),
			 config = RequestConfig.custom().setProxy(proxyHost).build();
			 httpclient =

this is the cxf way which doesn't work: 

HTTPClientPolicy clientPolicy = conduit.getClient();


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