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From Aki Yoshida <>
Subject Re: HTTP proxy problem with wsdl-first client
Date Wed, 07 May 2014 10:14:53 GMT
I was wondering why you can't (or don't want to) configure the
http.proxy setting once per VM.
I think that would be a simpler and more maintainable solution because
it would separate your scenario configuration from the runtime

If you want to configure the proxy setting in your scenario directly,
you can define a suitable http conduit with the desired proxy setting,
as described in

2014-05-06 14:37 GMT+02:00 Michael <>:
> CXF 2.7.0
> Win 7, SUSE 11, Red Hat
> Java 7
> Tomcat 7.0.45
> We have developed a web app that is deployed at more than a dozen sites run
> by various organizations. The web app can be configured to invoke a specific
> web service interface of which multiple domain-specific implementations can
> exist at a single site as well as across sites. This is configured by
> specifying a set of WSDL URLs that has local dependencies and may change
> over time. While we generated the client stub from a local WSDL instance
> using wsdl2java, we use the service-specific WSDL URL at runtime to invoke
> the associated WS instance.
> Basically this works very fine, but it fails if we access the WSDL URL
> through an http proxy. The following
> fails at
> with an underlying
> Our current workaround is to set the /http.proxy/* system props, but being a
> VM wide setting it carries the risk of interfering with concurrent
> connections. Another obvious workaround would be to resort to local copies
> of the WSDL files in question, but we'd like spare our users the additional
> effort (plus it would leave further room for errors).
> Is there any way of both avoiding system properties and local copies
> (relying only on the remote WSDL), or are we doing something basically wrong
> here?
> Thanks a lot in advance,
> Michael
> <>
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