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From Jose MarĂ­a Zaragoza <>
Subject WS-Addressing + CXF 2.7.8 memory leak
Date Fri, 10 Jan 2014 11:20:20 GMT

I'm using CXF 2.7.8 and JAX-WS  to create a SOAP webservice

This webservice calls another webservice who requieres WS-Addressing

So, I declare a simple JAX-WS client with WS-Addressing enabled

 <jaxws:client id="client"

             <wsa:addressing xmlns:wsa=""/>

I inject this bean into my webservice implementor with

WSPortType client;

So, it's shared by all requests and I think is thread-safe 'in practice'

This client sends messages like

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="">
<Action xmlns="">process</Action>
<MessageID xmlns="">urn:uuid:aebe3485-07bc-4af7-a3a5-c1df7af15adb
<To xmlns="">
<ReplyTo xmlns="">
<process xmlns="urn:com:external:types">

and it receives the response correctly ( with the right MessageID )

Well, this is the scenario.
In this case, JVM memory heap increases all time and grows up until OOM
Looking at jvisualm I see a lot of string objects being used by
WS-addressing library
If I comment WS-Addressing feature , all works fine and the memory
heap's behaviour is normal.

What is wrong ? Any ideas ?
If you need more data or other test, no problem

Thanks and regads

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