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From Daniel Kulp <>
Subject Re: [CXF-5397] wsdl2java marker file name can exceed 255 chars (not yet fixed in cxf-2.7.8?)
Date Fri, 06 Dec 2013 22:25:24 GMT

This is not the marker file, this is actually the generated java class for a type.   The default
is to use nested types in java if that’s what’s used in the schema.  However, that’s
obviously causing an issue for you.   You can try a jaxb binding file:

<jaxb:bindings xmlns:xsd="” xmlns:jaxb=""
   <jaxb:globalBindings localScoping="toplevel"/>

and pass that into the wsdl2java with the -b flag.     However, with complicated schemas,
that could end up with some additional name conflicts to resolve.  See:


On Dec 6, 2013, at 11:43 AM, Christopher Cheng <> wrote:

> I have tried cxf-2.7.8, when I generate a stub, it will still give an error
> like this in WIndows
> java:
> C:\Java\abacus-webconnect-2013-R3\out\com\sabre\webservices\sabreXML\x2011\x10\impl\TravelItineraryReadRSDocumentImpl$TravelItineraryReadRSImpl$TravelItineraryImpl$ItineraryInfoImpl$ReservationItemsImpl$ItemImpl$VehicleImpl$VehVendorAvailImpl$VehResCoreImpl$VehicleChargesImpl$VehicleChargeImpl$ChargeDetailsImpl$ApproximateTotalChargeImpl.class
> (The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect)
> The following is the ant target
> <target name="WSDLToJava-TravelItineraryReadLLS2.2.0RQ">
>        <java classname=""
> fork="true">
>            <arg value="-client"/>
>            <arg value="-db"/>
>            <arg value="xmlbeans"/>
>            <arg value="-d"/>
>            <arg value="src"/>
>            <arg
> value="${basedir}/wsdl/TravelItineraryReadLLS2.2.0RQ.wsdl"/>
>            <classpath>
>                <path refid="cxf.classpath"/>
>            </classpath>
>        </java>
>    </target>

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