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From Christian Balzer <>
Subject Optional boolean matrix parameter with REST service possible?
Date Mon, 25 Nov 2013 12:15:54 GMT
Hi everyone!

I just joined a team that uses CXF to develop a REST service.

One of the matrix parameters we have is a boolean one, much like

What baffled me a bit is that our developer said he couldn't make the
parameter "optional". (He apparently got some sort of exception when
he tried. I guess that internally a cast to a boolean happens, which
cannot be null.) I was just wondering if you could do something like
the following (taken from the WADL specs) when using CXF?

> Boolean matrix parameters are represented as: ';name' when value is 'true' and are omitted
from identifier when value is 'false'

Is that at all possible using CXF, and if so, could somebody please
point me to the right piece of documentation?

Kind regards,


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