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From Jim Talbut <>
Subject Custom ports using CXF in OSGi
Date Fri, 22 Nov 2013 09:13:15 GMT

I've got a number of web services running using Camel configured like:
     <camel-cxf:cxfEndpoint id="serviceSchedulerClient"

These services are all on the same port, but different URLs.
There are other services on other ports.

The services are configured using fileinstall by simply dropping spring 
configuration files in a "deploy" directory (separate from the etc 

I'm finding that fileinstall (or something on the same timeframe as 
fileinstall) is causing all of these spring bundles to restart, and they 
are failing to come back up.
I think what is happening is that fileinstall is taking them down and 
bringing them back up at the same time, so some are going down whilst 
others are coming up and the ports are in use so it fails.
I don't know why fileinstall is restarting these bundles, it shouldn't 
need to, nothing has changed.

As a fix I'm looking at moving to use the OSGi HTTP transport rather 
than the direct Jetty one (thinking that this will mean the ports are 
always open, but it also fixes another problem I have with configuring 
the jetty engines).

I know I can have the OSGi container listen on different ports, but is 
it possible to keep them separate?
So port 8026, managed by PAX, only responds to this set of endpoints and 
not any other endpoints that may also be running (on other ports also 
managed by OSGi) in the same container.



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