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From unicyco <>
Subject Ordering of wsdl method parameters changed for java-first services
Date Mon, 18 Nov 2013 19:41:40 GMT
I run a JAX-WS java-first web service.  When I stepped up from an old
Servicemix release to Karaf 2.3.1 with CXF 2.7.6, I noticed that the
ordering of the parameters in the generated wsdl changed from the order in
which they were declared to an alphabetical ordering.  Given this change, I
had to regenerate our Flex web service code for the changed wsdl's because
otherwise the Flex code sent the parameters in the wrong order, causing them
to be mis-interpreted.
Now, after updating to Karaf 2.3.3 and CXF 2.7.7, it seems to have returned
to generating a wsdl with parameters in the order which they were declared
in the Java interface.  I don't care which way it is, as long as it doesn't

So, was the alphabetical ordering a "bug" or was the return to
declaration-based ordering a "regression"?  Are there plans to change the
ordering in the future?



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