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From "Mitchell, Jermaine" <>
Subject WS-Discovery
Date Fri, 26 Jul 2013 07:39:43 GMT
WS-Discovery Integration

We're trying to integrate WS-Discovery having Cxf Web Service Stack configured via Spring
running on a Tomcat
sending hello messages to a Discovery Proxy (localhost:9443/services/DiscoveryProxy) on WSO2

Therefor we added 'cxf-services-ws-discovery-service.jar' and 'cxf-services-ws-discovery-api.jar'
to the
classpath in Tomcat. Further we set the spring bus property ''
to the URL address of the WS-Discovery Proxy on WSO2 Registry to run WS-Discovery in managed
mode ...

<bean id="cxf" class="org.apache.cxf.bus.spring.SpringBus"/>

<bean id="discoveryService" class="">
                <constructor-arg index="0">
                               <ref bean="cxf"/>
                <constructor-arg index="1">
                                               <entry key=""

Unfortunely we can't register our cxf services on WSO2 Registry. The WSO2 Registry sends us
an error message.
To solve this problem we intercepted the hello requests sent to WSO2 Registry. For this purpose
we used
soapUI mock services. The message request of a soap envelope look as follows ...

<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="" xmlns:wsa=""
<ns2:Hello xmlns="" xmlns:ns2="">
     <ns2:Types xmlns:ns3="http://user.service.server/">ns3:IZ3UserService</ns2:Types>

Analyzing the message request we noticed that the XAddrs value matches the relative path of
a jaxws endpoint configured
in cxf.xml. By adding the absolute path to XAddrs manually the soapUI request registered the
cxf service on WSO2 Registry.
We already know that we are able to set the properties 'ws-discovery-published-url' and 'publishedEndpointUrl'
in cxf.xml
to register the cxf services but we try to achive this in a more dynamic way.

We took a look into the cxf source because we would like to override an cxf class but so far
we could not find an appropriate
method to fetch the published url to set the value to one of the mentioned properties above
so that the setXAddrs method in the
WSDiscoveryServiceImpl class could get one of these properties to register the cxf services
We would be grateful for any advice. Maybe there is a more easier way to get this done?

Thanks in advance

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