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From vincentr42 <>
Subject Aegis and inheritance: issue migrating from 2.3.9 to 2.7.5
Date Mon, 29 Jul 2013 16:05:54 GMT
Migrating from CXF 2.3.9 to 2.7.5, we encounter an issue regarding the aegis
marshalling in 2.7.5 when a class extend another. Indeed, attributes
declared on the parent class are now present twice.

My use case is:

A) A class named /ViewDataObject/ annotated with /@XmlType/ that extends a
class named  /GroupDataObject/:

B) The parent class (/GroupDataObject/) contains XML attributes:

Using CXF 2.7.5 version, I get this weird xml, when /ViewDataObject/ is
marshalled, where attributes of /GroupDataObject/ appear twice:

One time with the namespace provided on /ViewDataObject/ and a second with
default namespace from /GroupDataObject/...

Worst, when forcing (to see if that could solve our problem) the namespace
on parent object (/GroupDataObject/) using:

the xml generated is simply invalid, still containing the attributes twice
but this time with the same namespace...


That was not the case using CXF 2.3.9 where we got the expected xml message:

Has anyone already encountered the same issue ?
Any help would be gladly welcome.

Kind regards,


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