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From Glen Mazza <>
Subject Re: Question
Date Mon, 20 May 2013 20:07:45 GMT
I guess you're referring to this: ?  And when you say "get" you 
mean make a SOAP client to be able to retrieve data from that web 
service?  I can't see the WSDL without a developer ID but the web site 
says its WSDL is Axis 1.x compliant which probably means it's the older 
RPC/encoded type WSDL, not well supported by modern JAX-WS 
implementations.  You may need to drag out the Axis 1.x (not Axis2) to 
get it working or use cumbersome JAX-WS hacks if you want to stay with 

*Sometimes*, if you remove the 'encoded' attributes from the WSDL, if no 
encoding is actually occurring, you may be able to create a web service 
as normal with CXF:  YMMV though, 
and I'm not sure how reliable/safe that would be.


On 05/20/2013 03:47 PM, Diego Cando wrote:
> Hi, I wonder if you can help me, I'm trying to get a wsk type web service
> with cxf, do you know how can I do that?
> Saludos cordiales/kind regards,
> Diego Cando
> JR Electric Supply / Consorcio MTE Latinus

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