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From Sergey Beryozkin <>
Subject Re: d-OSGi greeter_rest demo in Felix 4.0.3 - client question
Date Sun, 03 Mar 2013 18:13:38 GMT
On 02/03/13 00:53, nkrendel wrote:
>>> Yes it works when both client and server are on the same host.  Therefore
> it
>>> seemed a bit mysterious that it would stop working when two different ip
>>> addresses were involved.
>> What do you mean, why 2 different IP addresses ?
> What I meant is the server is on my Mac and the client is on a Windows
> server.  Each machine has its own IP address, hence 2 different IP
> addresses, as opposed to client and server running on the same host.
I got confused by you referring to 2 IP addresses, because for the 
purpose of DOSGi client consuming the remote endpoint, only a single 
address of the endpoint (to be consumed) is needed
>>> The client can reach the host via the the ip address specified in the xml
>>> file.
>> Are you saying it works if IP addresses are used ?
> No, the *greeter_rest* sample does /not/ work when IP addresses are used.
> However I know that the server is up because I can access it manually (via
> IP address) using a browser on the client machine.
>>> I was even able to access the server REST resource from the client
>>> using a browser.  Are you saying that perhaps I need to be using a host
>>> name
>>> rather than an ip address, and that this should make it work?!
>> I don't have time right now to test it with multiple hosts, I don't know
>> of any specific limitation which would prevent it from working across
>> hosts. You can also try using ZooKeeper but using explicit references to
>> the hosts should also work
>> Cheers, Sergey
> I have only been trying using IP addresses in the configuration file.  My
> next two attempts will be:
> 1. Trying a host-name instead of IP address in the xml file.
> 2. Trying the same sample with ZooKeeper instead of a xml file.
> Meanwhile if you are seeing something wrong with what I'm trying to do I'd
> appreciate the pointer!
Does Mac has multiple network adapters by any chance and hence you may 
be using in the endpoint address ? If you set the server to 
publish say "" address and configure the client to use that 
address too, then I'd expect it to work, sorry I've no other ideas 
really at the moment,
Hope you can narrow the issue soon,
> Thanks!
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