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From Sven Zethelius <>
Subject RE: <cxf-http:conduit/> with parameterizable name
Date Thu, 31 Jan 2013 03:15:58 GMT
I've done the below using spring placeholders to swap out the server name just fine.  You may
need to debug into the CXF code that is actually building the HttpConduit from the spring
to double check the actual URL you need to put into there because when I did it I remember
it being sensitive in what it expected there.

From: Ivan.Latysh []
Sent: Wednesday, January 30, 2013 6:25 PM
Subject: Re: <cxf-http:conduit/> with parameterizable name

Hello All!

Re-posting, XML is visible on Nabble, but disappeared in the mail.

I have a simple case when a client consume a few services, and for each
service I have configured a corresponding conduit.

But I am having a real hard time creating conduit name from a parameters.

Hypothetical config:

<cxf-http:conduit name="http://${}:${server1.port}/services/*">

<cxf-http:conduit name="http://${}:${server2.port}/services/*">

Is there are a way to configure conduit without hard-coding service URL's ?

P.S. I know that I can do:

<cxf-http:conduit name="*.http-conduit">

but it does not work, as each conduit has it's own authentication model.

Any ideas ?

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