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From Martin Fernau <>
Subject How to overcome "WSDLToJava Error: Non-unique body parts" ?
Date Fri, 04 Jan 2013 16:28:11 GMT

I've a problem with wsdl2java converting a predefined wsdl to java code.
I need to implement this wsdl as a server service - I can not change the
SOAP communication itself at this is coming from somewhere outside of my
wsdl2java complain about non-unique body parts which means that some
soap-methods use the same soap signature. So, method1 use the same SOAP
message as method2. I know that this isn't WSI compliant but what should
I do... The only difference will be the SOAPAction-Header (in the http
header) which will contain method1 or method2.
However, wsdl2java won't compile this wsdl but I really need to
implement this service this way. I need to look into the
SOAPAction-Header (or apache cxf need to do this for me) to choose the
correct method to call.

Is there a way to ignore these kinds of error or do I have any other
chance to finally implement such service with apache cxf?

Thanks in advance and best regards

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