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From "Beilin, Vadim" <>
Subject Ordering of interceptors
Date Fri, 14 Dec 2012 16:51:00 GMT
The algorithm that PhaseInterceptorChain uses for ordering PhaseInterceptors does not guarantee
that an interceptor will end up after the interceptors that its getAfter() method returns,
depending on the order in which interceptors are added to the chain. It does not reject an
interceptor that requests an inconsistent ordering, either.
I don't think I saw it mentioned in the docs.
I wonder if this is considered a bug or oversight that has to be fixed, or correct behaviour
that has to be documented?
If this is intended behaviour, then perhaps adding a warning PhaseInterceptorChain#insertInterceptor
should be considered 

---	2012-12-14 16:27:08.325962000 +0000
+++	2012-12-14 16:36:28.590683000 +0000
@@ -567,6 +567,9 @@
                     if (cmp.getBefore().contains(id) 
                         || (cmpId != null && afterList.contains(cmpId))) {
+                        if (firstBefore != null)
+                            LOG.warning("Interceptor " + id + " wants to be before " + firstBefore.interceptor
+                                    " and after " + cmp + ", but " + cmp + " comes after
" +  firstBefore.interceptor);
                         lastAfter = ih2;
                     if (!force && cmpId.equals(id)) {



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