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From Sergey Beryozkin <>
Subject Re: Intercepting exceptions on the server side.
Date Wed, 12 Dec 2012 17:06:08 GMT
On 12/12/12 16:53, Ivan.Latysh wrote:
> Sergey Beryozkin-5 wrote
>> On 12/12/12 16:18, Ivan.Latysh wrote:
>>> 2Sergey:
>>> Can you reproduce the issue with the set-up I have provided ?
>> In the setup which you listed on one of the previous emails there was no
>> "outFaultInterceptors" section, so yes, without that section I will most
>> likely be able to reproduce it.
> The set-up that I have listed had interceptors. Here is the link to the
> thread
Oh, I've actually been looking at

(no section at the end), guess I've missed your original config

> Sergey Beryozkin-5 wrote
>> If you feel there's some misunderstanding on my part: please create a
>> maven based test project and attach it to JIRA.
> I have created a deployable war that reproduce the issue.
> I believe at this point I takes 10 min to deploy the war and hit 2 URLS.
> If all of the above is not enough, I will rest my case and thank you for
> your time!

OK, having the war helps. Will look into it asap - note 2.4.x line is 
complete. Either way I'll try to reproduce the issue.

By the way, what URI should I use which will lead to the early exception 
being thrown ?

thanks, Sergey
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