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From Min Yang <>
Subject Fwd: WSDL Schema Imports Issues still exist
Date Thu, 08 Nov 2012 11:42:21 GMT
Can any CXF developers have a look this issue?


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From: Min Yang <>
Date: Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 8:12 PM
Subject: WSDL Schema Imports Issues still exist

Dear CXF Developers,

I noticed that a similar issue
CXF-1822<>about schema
import reported before, and has been fixed several years ago,
but recently I still met such issue in my test.

I just tried to access the wsdl generated by the WebSphere Application
Server(WAS) runtime, with the annotation WebServiceRef(wsdlLocation="
http://localhost:9080/TestClient/TestService?wsdl") in the client
application using CXF,  it showed the accessed wsdl can not be parsed as a
well-formed document and throw the exception until I set the HTTPConduit
property "AutoRedirect" as true, since the given wsdl url on WAS is not the
final url and would be redirect to another url "

After correct the redirection issue, another exceotion was occurred, and
showed the schema imported in the wsdl can not be accessed, with the error
message: HTTP response '404: Not Found' when communicating with
http://localhost:9080/TestClient/TestService_schema1.xsd. Actually the
schema url CXF accessed is wrong, the correct schema url should be "

After trace the CXF code, I found CXF passing the wsdl url "
http://localhost:9080/TestClient/TestService?wsdl" into class
org.apache.cxf.transport.TransportURIResolver as the base uri of the schema
location, so the final accessed schema url is "
http://location:9080/TestClient/TestService_schema1.xsd", but correct url
should be "
http://location:9080/TestClient/TestService/TestService_schema1.xsd". I am
not sure if this is the CXF defect, please help to review and help us to
solve such issues.

In summary, the CXF can work fine when I access the final url "
http://localhost:9080/Test/TestService/TestService.wsdl", but if I accessed
the url " "http://localhost:9080/Test/TestService?wsdl", which will be
redirected to the final url, then the schema import issue will be occurred
after open the AutoRedirection option.

The attachments are the wsdl file and error log. Hope the information I
provide you can help you to reproduce the issue. Another information you
needed please let me know.



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