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From Peter Schyma <>
Subject Re: CXF OAuth2 AuthorizationCodeGrantService in Karaf
Date Tue, 06 Nov 2012 15:16:53 GMT

unfortunately I had no success.

I am able to register and access the JSP using Pax Web Extensions to 
HttpService but it is not caught up by the ServletContext that CXF uses. 
So the RequestDispatcher used by RequestDispatcherProvider is not seeing 
it and thus just returns a default servlet that produces no output, I 

What I have not tried yet is to use a Spring based setup using 
CXFServlet from web.xml so I have CXF OAuth and the needed JSPs in one 
context. But I don't think that this is the best way.


Am 06.11.2012 13:41, schrieb Sergey Beryozkin:
> Hi Peter
> Have you had any progress with it ?
> I haven't had time yet to look into porting OAuth2 demos to Karaf, and
> I'm off from tomorrow till the end of the week.
> This is something I'll want to do before 2.7.1 is out anyway, and my
> plan is to introduce a light-weight war-bundle (it will only have
> web.xml and beans.xml files) and proceed from there. We have a
> transformations demo done with the war bundle, but I haven't tried with
> linking to JSP yet...
> Cheers, Sergey
> On 30/10/12 11:48, Peter Schyma wrote:
>> Hi,
>> thank you for your answer.
>> I tried your suggestions, but none of them works. Every time the same
>> result: a zero-length content.
>> Right now i am using a workaround. I implemented a MessageBodyWriter
>> that creates the authorization site HTML code in plain Java.
>> I'll dig deeper into it on the weekend.
>> Greetings,
>> Peter
>> Am 30.10.2012 12:11, schrieb Sergey Beryozkin:
>>> Hi
>>> On 26/10/12 15:54, Peter Schyma wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> i am trying to setup an OAuth2 Server using CXFs implementation.
>>>> Following the documentation[1], i have implemented an OAuthDataProvider
>>>> and wired it to the AuthorizationCodeGrantService.
>>>> Everything works fine. But when i request the authorization in my
>>>> browser, i only get a blank page/ zero-length content response.
>>>> I am attaching an instance of RequestDispatcherProvider to the
>>>> jaxrs:server that serves the authorization. Like the documentation
>>>> suggested: the OAuthAuthorizationData is to be rendered by an JSP. In
>>>> the logs i see the expected output:
>>>> 'Setting an instance of
>>>> "" as
>>>> HttpServletRequest attribute "data" and redirecting the response to
>>>> "/jsp/authorize.jsp"'.
>>>> But i see this even when i map to an non-existing JSP without any
>>>> errors
>>>> in the logs.
>>> It appears the container (Jetty at least) does not enforce, when
>>> locating RequestDispatcher, the existence of the actual handler.
>>>> After messing arround with this issue, i tried XSLTJaxbProvider. This
>>>> provider at least emits warning about missing files and as a result
>>>> throws an exception when it tries to render the output: [2].
>>>> Disabling both providers display the XML serialization of the
>>>> OAuthAuthorizationData instance.
>>>> [3] shows a slightly shortend version of the blueprint context
>>>> definition i am using to startup the service.
>>>> While inspecting the missing resource warning of the XSLTJaxbProvider
>>>> with my debugger, i noticed that it uses the ClassLoader (getting it by
>>>> CXF Bus) of another bundle that is exposing a REST service via CXF -
>>>> because that bundle is started earlier. So i tried to name the
>>>> busses of
>>>> both bundles. But this doesn't have any impact on the output.
>>>> JSP support is active as there is another bundle that uses JSPs to
>>>> render web pages but without CXF.
>>>> I deactivated both bundles so that the OAuth service bundle is the only
>>>> one that uses CXF or JSPs. But still no output.
>>>> I imported Servlet and JSP packages in the service bundle. Still no
>>>> output.
>>>> The CXF version is 2.7.0 - but 2.6.2 yields the same result. Karaf
>>>> versions 2.2.9 and 2.3.0 yield also the same result with both CXF
>>>> versions. The installed features are: cxf, cxf-rs-security-oauth2 (and
>>>> their dependencies).
>>>> Am i missing something from the docs? Any hints are appreciated.
>>> Actually, the demos I worked upon have not been tested within Karaf,
>>> which is a shame, I will look into it asap. I believe it is not a CXF
>>> issue, but at the moment I wonder if it is to do with the fact that the
>>> application bundle may not have been deployed as a war-bundle ? Would
>>> setting a RequestDispatcherProvider "dispatcherName" property to "jsp"
>>> help ? Perhaps jsp resources have to be exported from the app bundle ?
>>> I guess it is really about getting a jsp resource visible. You are
>>> probably the first person who attempts to do in OSGI - I'm hoping to
>>> help asap :-)
>>> Cheers, Sergey
>>>> Thanks
>>>> Peter
>>>> [1]
>>>> [2]
>>>> [3]

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