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From Andrei Shakirin <>
Subject RE: CXF Interceptor get Soap Message is null !
Date Tue, 16 Oct 2012 12:11:26 GMT
Hi Gina,

Before CXF 2.6.0, message contents field will be initialized only if non-standard format is
used (something different from XMLStreamReader.class, XMLStreamWriter.class, InputStream.class,
OutputStream.class, List.class, Exception.class, Node.class, DelegatingInputStream.class).
Otherwise message content is stored into defaultContents field.
Since CXF 2.6.0, MessageImpl has only contents field (no defaultContents anymore) that stores
content format as well as content itself.

To your question:
You can examine which formats are available using message. getContentFormats()  and obtain
message content using: message.getContent(Class<?>).
If JAXB data binding is used, message normally contains following formats after UNMARSHAL
phase for incoming chain:
1) (message content as XML reader)
2) java.util.List (message content as JAXB objects)
3) (message content as InputStream)
4) org.w3c.dom.Node (message content as DOM)


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From: gbakonyi [] 
Sent: Mittwoch, 10. Oktober 2012 18:13
Subject: Re: CXF Interceptor get Soap Message is null !

Hi Daniel,

I have a similar situation on the incoming interceptor chain: I wrote an interceptor to process
the request object. I placed it in every Phase after UNMARSHAL but, as mentioned here before,
the content field of the message is always null. I see my request type in a field named defaultContents
but there is no method to get it out of there. Can you please tell me what syntax I should
use to place my interceptor at the right point in the chain so as to be able to retrieve the
java objects?

Thanks a in advance.

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