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From Sunil Bapat <>
Subject TransportBinding and SignatureConfirmation
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2012 17:30:33 GMT
I am working on writing a client to a web service using CXF 2.6.2. The
service has a security policy which uses TransportBinding with SAML
EndorsingSupportingTokens. The policy also requires Signature Confirmation

What is happening is that the client calls the service correctly with the
required security elements. The response from the server contains a
Signature Confirmation element, and the response fails with the error:
Received a SignatureConfirmation element, but there are no stored signature

Debugging through the CXF code, here's what is happening:

- After configuring the client, the WSS11Builder calls
setRequireSignatureConfirmation(true) based on the policy.

- In the constructor of AbstractBindingBuilder, it initializes the
signatures array property with an empty array, and puts it in the message
as follows:
message.getExchange().put(WSHandlerConstants.SEND_SIGV, signatures)

- In the TransportBindingHandler.handleEndorsingToken (line 300), it calls
addSig, which eventually calls the doSignature. However, the signature is
never added to the signatures array. (SymmetricBindingHandler and
AsymmetricBindingHandler do a signatures.add)

- As a result when the service response comes to the WSS4JInInterceptor, it
calls checkSignatureConfirmation in WSHandler, which retrieves the
savedSignatures using
List<byte[]> savedSignatures =
            (List<byte[]>) getProperty(reqData.getMsgContext(),

- This array is empty, since the signature was never added by
TransportBindingHandler. Therefore it throws the above exception.

The question is - is this a bug, or is it by design that the
SignatureConfirmation does not work with TransportBinding, and that they
are not allowed together?


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