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From Ron Wheeler <>
Subject Re: Cannog loggin soap messages in client side
Date Mon, 29 Oct 2012 12:09:06 GMT
I am hesitant to disagree with Glen since he has a lot more experience 
than I do.
I can only say that we have had a comfortable development experience 
with CXF using the STS version of Eclipse from Springsource that comes 
with Maven already integrated into the package along with everything 
else you need to do Java development.
The integration with Maven works very well and we launch our Maven 
builds and units tests within the Eclipse environment.
We have used it do develop webapps and Java batch applications that use 
CXF and Spring without very much fuss.

Spring is a fantastic tool for structuring Java applications and is well 
worth the learning curve.
I am sure that you will find lots of examples that relate to your Java 
There are also a lot of good books on Spring.

Spring is probably not mandatory but you will probably find more 
examples with Spring and CXF than with only CXF.


On 29/10/2012 7:45 AM, Glen Mazza wrote:
> I'd recommend using Maven for your builds, relegating Eclipse to 
> purely a text editor.  Web services are easy/pleasant way to become 
> familiar with this very useful tool if you aren't yet.  My web service 
> tutorial (which includes logging in the pom.xml) is here: 
> Don't worry too much about whether what you're learning is Spring or 
> not; it's all Java code, you have to learn something here in order to 
> do something, and at least with the former you're picking up something 
> used in many other places.  For my Apache Roller-based blog, I had to 
> learn some strange templating language in order to do the right-side 
> menu items, it was only much later I realized that "strange templating 
> language" was just Apache Velocity.  Cool!  I learned a portable skill...
> Glen
> On 10/29/2012 06:00 AM, becam wrote:
>> here the link
>> I don't have a web app. I developepd a stand alone client.  here the 
>> basic
>> code:
>> rivate static final QName SERVICE_NAME = new
>> QName("http://thecompany/service-b", "myendpoint-v1");
>> private  myendpointPortType port ;
>> public ClientMHttps() throws java.lang.Exception {
>>      URL wsdlURL = myendpointV1.WSDL_LOCATION;
>>      myendpointV1 ss = new myendpointV1(wsdlURL, SERVICE_NAME);
>>      port = ss.getmyendpointPortTypeEndpointHttpsM();
>> }
>>      public DeleteMarkedStatusResponse
>> do_DeleteMarkedStatus(DeleteMarkedStatusRequest 
>> _deleteMarkedStatus_body)
>> throws java.lang.Exception
>>      {
>>      System.out.println("Invoking deleteMarkedStatus...");
>><HeaderType> _header = this.HeaderFarm();
>>      DeleteMarkedStatusResponse _deleteMarkedStatus__return =
>> port.deleteMarkedStatus(_deleteMarkedStatus_body, _header);
>>      System.out.println("deleteMarkedStatus.result=" +
>> _deleteMarkedStatus__return);
>>      return _deleteMarkedStatus__return;
>>      }
>> looking at xcf don't seems that is mandatory use spring... Anyway I 
>> tried
>> different configurations but still not able to log soap messages.
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