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From Vassilis Virvilis <>
Subject cxf spring-web dependancy ivy problem
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2012 08:16:44 GMT
Hi everybody,

We have the following problem and I am not sure where the bug lies or if 
there is a bug at all. If you think this is a problem with ivy please 
say me so and I will to report there.

The problem:

We are trying to switch to a semi automatic system for tracking our 
dependencies so we selected ivy (instead of maven). Ivy understands 
maven dependencies and can use maven repositories.

When we specify to download cxf-bundle and it dependencies it brings 
everything and spring but not spring-web which is explicitly mentioned 
in WHICH_JARS as a server side dependency. It brings

but not spring-web

I checked the pom.xml of cxf-bundle and specifically states 
org.springframework* so I guess spring-web should be included.

The problem is always reproducible and here is setup needed to replicate 
(build.xml, ivy.xml, ivysettings.xml)

Thanks in advance



Vassilis Virvilis Ph.D.
Head of IT
Biovista Inc.

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Charlottesville, VA 22903
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Biovista is a privately held biotechnology company that finds novel uses 
for existing drugs, and profiles their side effects using their 
mechanism of action. Biovista develops its own pipeline of drugs in CNS, 
oncology, auto-immune and rare diseases. Biovista is collaborating with 
biopharmaceutical companies on indication expansion and de-risking of 
their portfolios and with the FDA on adverse event prediction.

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