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From cbrezove <>
Subject Class Loaded count constantly increasing
Date Thu, 20 Sep 2012 18:45:09 GMT

I am looking for some guidance on a strange behavior I am seeing.  I have a
standalone application creating and destroying CXF connections to a 3rd
party webservice (client code generated using wsdl2java on the wsdl).

The application will make requests to the server every 15 minutes.  When
done it will destroy the connection.  From a memory perspective the heap and
the perm gen spaces look good.  No obvious leak detected.  I even lowered
the perm gen space to the current size and have not seen any issues.

The problem I see is, every time i go to make these requests and create the
connection to the server I see a jump of about 4k classes in the "Total
Loaded" number displayed in visualvm or jconsole.  These classes never do
get unloaded, the "Total Loaded" count keeps going up. When I set the jvm to
display the classes loaded/unloaded, these 4k appear to be classes in the
generated code from the webservice.

Initially I thought this was alerting me to a leak, but the more I look at
it, the more it looks like it might just be an accounting issue.

I am using jdk1.6.0_31 and cxf-2.4.3-fuse-00-06 libraries.

Any help or confirmation is very appreciated.



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