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From rouble <>
Subject Exceptions ignore namespace configuration
Date Thu, 05 Jul 2012 21:09:53 GMT
CXF Gurus,

I have a web service in which every method throws an Exception (called
MyException). Now, it does not matter what namespace I try to set for
the Exception it always fall under the namespace of the Service. I
have tried using a package-info file and @XmlRootElement(namespace =
"some.package") - neither take.

A side effect of this is that if I have N web services that use the
same exception, for instance:

They will all have N different versions of the exact same exception.
So, if a web client was to deal with more than one web service it will
need to explicitly handle the different versions of the same

Is there a way to specify/force the namespace of an exception to be
different than the namespace of the service?


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