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From "Stefan Schilling" <>
Subject Can CXF use client jars (as XFire did)?
Date Fri, 11 May 2012 08:34:08 GMT

we're currently switching from XFire to Apache CXF 2.2.9 (I know, I know ... it's old...).
Using XFire, the various service providers offered the clients a "client.jar", containing
all interfaces, transfer objects and enumerations (wsdl was not provided nor needed by the

Using CXF, of course we can generate our own stubs, but it would be much more comfortable
to just keep using those plain client.jar - given the infrastructure available here.

XFire basically only needs the following settings:

<bean id="BeanRefName" class="org.codehaus.xfire.spring.remoting.XFireClientFactoryBean">
  <property name="serviceClass" value="THE INTERFACE" />
  <property name="url" value="THE URL" />
  <property name="wsdlDocumentUrl" value="THE WSDL URL" />
  <property name="lookupServiceOnStartup" value="false" />
  <property name="properties">
      <entry key="objectServiceFactory.portType">
        <bean class="javax.xml.namespace.QName">
          <constructor-arg value="THE NAMESPACE" />
          <constructor-arg value="THE PORT TYPE DEFINITION" />
... no stub generation from wsdl was required. This is extremely helpful, when enumerations
are used, but their value transfer is done through Strings - therefore the enumeration's contents
do not show up in the wsdl (bad practice, but reality).

Now: is there any way to continue using the client.jar (therefore not generating stubs from
wsdl) with Apache CXF.

Thanks a lot.


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