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From Thomas Pischulski <>
Subject @Policy-Annotation in DOSGi
Date Mon, 23 Apr 2012 05:40:31 GMT

I'm trying to get WS-Policy definitions to my deployed web service. My
source looks like this

	@Policy(uri = "ws-policy/HelloServicePolicy.xml",
		placement = Policy.Placement.DEFAULT),
	@Policy(uri = "ws-policy/HelloServicePolicyBinding.xml",
		placement = Policy.Placement.BINDING)
@WebService(targetNamespace =
"", name = "hello")
public interface IHelloService {

	String sayHello(String name);

and I have


in my bundles root (and it's also added to the MANIFEST.MF classpath).
However, when I deploy my web service I get those two warnings:

WARNING: Resource classpath:ws-policy/HelloServicePolicy.xml was not
found in the classloaders.

WARNING: Resource classpath:ws-policy/HelloServicePolicyBinding.xml
was not found in the classloaders.

Those definitions now appear as wsp:PolicyReference in my
autogenerated wsdl file:

<wsdl:binding name="IHelloServiceServiceSoapBinding" type="tns:hello">
<soap:binding style="document"
<wsp:PolicyReference URI="ws-policy/HelloServicePolicy.xml"/>
<wsp:PolicyReference URI="ws-policy/HelloServicePolicyBinding.xml"/>

So it seems like I somehow has to make those files accessable through
the jetty webserver? If yes, how? Grateful for any other recommendations.



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