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From Sergey Beryozkin <>
Subject Re: Need help in getting HTTP timeout to work for JAX-RS
Date Thu, 12 Apr 2012 12:19:48 GMT
On 12/04/12 11:59, domino wrote:
> I think this is the commit you made:
> I did exactly the same, but still my client times out after the default
> timeout :(
>      <http:conduit id="httpConduit"
> name="{}MyService.http-conduit">
>          <http:client ConnectionTimeout="3000000" ReceiveTimeout="3000000" />
>      </http:conduit>
>      <jaxrs:client xmlns:s="" id="myService"
> serviceName="s:MyService"
>          address="${services.url}" serviceClass="rs.service.MyService">
>      </jaxrs:client>
I've just updated temporarily the HTTPS test to try the timeout only, by 
commenting out TLS-related configuration in the client & server configs, 
making sure 'http' is used only. After commenting out the http:client 
config and blocking in the server (simply using a debugger breakpoint) I 
got the client dropping in about 60 secs, and after re-enabling the 
http:client with its ReceiveTimeout the client stayed there till I 
stopped the server, so the conduit is definitely picked up.

> Sergey, is this supposed to work with *2.5.2* or does it only work on your
> trunk?

It has also been merged to 2.5.3-SNAPSHOT, I thought yesterday that this 
form with the specific qname format did not even require the fix, but 
may be I was wrong...

Rather than using jaxrs:client what you can do is to inject the address 
only and use JAXRSClientFactory creating the proxy explicitly, that 
would do as a workaround,

Cheers, Sergey
> Thanks
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