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From Voß, Marko <>
Subject @Context and Thread-safety
Date Tue, 03 Apr 2012 08:25:15 GMT

We have to use @Context to get access to MessageContext and/or any of the other supported

We cannot use @Context in the method signatures of the JAX-RS interfaces, because of these
interfaces should be reused 
on the client-side.

So we have to use @Context on class fields, which leads to the problem of thread-safety.

Even if I setup the service beans to be prototypes, they are still singletons, which is most-likely
happening because of 
the implementation of:


Which is not following the rules of the spring beans, I guess.

Also, when debugging this, I noticed that even the MessageContext instance was the same instance
for multiple threads. 
So if I change the HttpHeaders in one thread, this will affect the HttpHeaders in another

How am I supposed to use @Context, reuse the JAX-RS interface on client-side and be thread-safe?
Any ideas?

Best regards,

Marko Voß
ePublishing & eScience
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