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From Ben Pezzei <>
Subject Fwd: Synchronous RM: lastMessage & offer
Date Fri, 16 Mar 2012 17:29:36 GMT
Hi Aki,

tnx for your reply,

2012/3/16 Aki Yoshida <>:
> I suppose you meant by "synchronous approach" a WS-RM scenario where
> each ack message must be returned to the caller in its http response
> synchronously. And do you have a request-response service, as you are
> talking about the offer option?

Yeah, but actually I meant, that the client does not make any use of a
decoupled endpoint. Basically the setup is like described in:

> Regarding the issue about CXF trying to send a message to,
> there was a similar issue CXF-3777 which was fixed in 2.4.3. I'll
> check how your case relates to this.

I guess that in our situation we have to use an offerId (else the communication
breaks earlier).

The other thing which probably escapes my understanding is an example like:

Why does the client send an SequenceAcknowledge for an Id (code
5,offered id) which
was initially discarded by the server(Destination)?

Which again leads me to another Question: The code in
(line 156 in cxf 2.4.4) appears to be not working (on first sight).

tnx & regards

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