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From pdread <>
Subject Re: http ->https -> http and REST
Date Mon, 20 Feb 2012 20:28:59 GMT

Ok. I have done cxf considerable so I know I can grab the cert from the
request, and I usually use an interceptor but on this new project with this
new company they don't use any framework other than servlets. Not even

Now what I mean by grabbing the client certificate is still using TLS ( I
think) but not in the "normal" vain that most would expect. The current app
does a redirect, from http port 8080 to https port 8443. This redirect
causes the browser to present 
the client certificate in the normal manner and it is captured for later
processing, after the certificate is captured the comms is redirected back
to http port 8080 and the processing continues. 

I guess I don't really mean not use https but more like, how can I, in one
request, go from http to https, get the cert, then go back to http and the
REST service.

I've seen cxf can do redirects and was wonder if this could be done but I'm
not versed enough to figure it out. It would be a big feather in my cap if I
could do this since the altimate customer wants this done like yesterday and
I'm holding things up trying to bring new tech into their hack and slash



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